When it was nothing.

When I started my career, there was this Client and he asked me how much for a plugin installation? I said it would be 10$ per plugin. I thought it would be a drop in replacement but it was full of instruction. After a whole day work, I still charged him 10$. He was surprised and said he wouldn’t mind give me more money and I said “no – lets stick to the amount we decided.” This act was appreciated. But what will happen when the cost is huge?

When it costed a lot.

I agreed to have my professional fee constant till April (for two years) Company made good amount of money and my partner offered me to take the early increment. I said no – Imagine the increment delayed for 6 months – It was huge pain considering I was living hand to mouth. Now this can go two ways – either I will be considered as a man of Honor or a Fool! Trust me, most preferred latter!