Varun Batra

Co-Founder, CTO SpiceTech IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a.k.a SpiceGems. Techie with 14 years of experience.


Life is tough; it doesn't get easier either. While I was in college, I was an excellent coder so I thought that my life would be a lot easier - I was wrong - well, everyone was wrong. If you think that hardwork beats the luck - then just live a bit longer to realize otherwise. I believe that my struggle ended with a luck. It was a long journey - longer than teenage time.

13 Technologies in 15 years.

In programming, everything changes quickly. Lets just ignore few languages in college - C and C++, on which I never earned a single penny, I started with Python. Then moved to PHP. Ruby got popular, I jumped on it. Then came the Node - ouch. I realised that I should get serious about Frontend, so I spent a year on React and few months on Vue.js. Now I was already running a company and scalability is a b**ch. So I dug deeper into OpenResty, Lua Programming, Docker and Kubernetes. Node was great until I realized that RAM is greater. Joined a herd, I moved to Golang. Error handling is insane, I realized I was typing more than I should so now days I hang out with Crystal.