I am Varun Batra and I registered this domain in 2009. I had a good run so far in my life and thanks to all of my friends who supported me. It can’t really be said for the family! I heard that blood is thicker than water but at least for me – nothing is thicker than the bond between friends. Then again, Mahabharata wouldn’t be there if it was always true either! I believe in luck!

Professionally speaking, I was never confused, I wanted life as well as money. So I started my own company (now companies) but let us just say that it isn’t super success but subjectively I am doing great. The More you grow old, the more you realize it is all about two time meal. Then again, some people just wouldn’t grow up and chase the money to their death!

I am nothing – nobody! I will die like billions of people and animals before – so sit back and enjoy your life while you can!

Are you my friend or my client? Simply connect me through skype:VarunBatraIT